Nutritional Profiling, Functional Testing and COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Scientist in Laboratory

The benefits of Nutritional Profiling can be significant, assisting with the identification of micronutrient deficiencies and excesses. 

Food IgG Antibody tests are highly recommended when addressing potential food allergies and digestive complaints. Foods, spices and herbs can be tested.


Functional testing carried out by recognised Medical Diagnostic Testing Laboratory provide information professionally, reliably and quickly. In addition to nutritional profiling, specific functional tests are available investigating Vitamins D, B12, Minerals, Fatty Acids, Thyroid and Adrenal functions and levels. In addition, COVID-19 Antibody testing is offered.

COVID-19 Antibody tests, quick and easy to carry out at home with results given within 3 days of the sample being received. Home test packs posted to your door with a paid return envelope supplied.