• Peter Dewdney

Give yourself a round of applause.

I think we've all been really good in following the governments instructions by staying indoors, only going out for essentials and isolating ourselves from others including our own families. For a great many this period of time has been incredibly difficult and for many its likely to continue for some time longer.

This Thursday at 8.00 pm when we all join together in recognising and thanking our NHS workers,I'm going to also clap for my neighbours,our towns folk,friends in nearby villages, everyone in our area and further afield for their contribution in making these sacrifices. We all need to continue with this our contribution as we must continue to look after those who remain at risk and in need of our help for much longer. Give yourself a round of applause tonight and if not yourself the people across the street or your next door neighbours.

Due to the social restrictions, all my private clinic work has now moved across to video calling rather than face to face consultations. In many ways I enjoy the close one to one contact without the usual unavoidable distractions of a clinical environment. You also get to meet cats,dogs as well as family members all in the process of video calling.

Generally speaking I feel people are trying wherever possible to continue with their lives as well as their individual search for improved health in which ever direction they may be taking. In nearly all private consultations Immunity and Poor Digestion is a subject raised in relation to the current pandemic. There has never been a better time to look at these two areas to see if improvements can be made benefiting both immediate and longer term health.

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