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Immunity Part 2. Vitamin C.

One of the reasons nutritional therapists continually promote the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables in the diet is their nutrient content,antioxidants and in particular Vitamin C. Fruit and vegetables also contain excellent levels of fibre which has a positive effect upon the speed and delivery of the Vitamin in the body. There is no doubt the best way to obtain Vitamin C is via every day diet and from foods including Citrus Fruits, Blackcurrants, Pineapples, Strawberries, Rosehips, Aloe Vera, Guava, Tomato's and Paw Paw plus many vegetables including Broccoli and Peppers.

Whatever the reason when diet is unable to deliver these nutrients, supplementation is commonly taken. The difficulty with Vitamin C supplementation is how long it remains in the body before being excreted reducing its benefits and secondly, the acidic nature of the nutrient itself. For those experiencing excessive stomach acid, dietary and supplementary Vitamin C can cause difficulties so in these cases Low Acid supplementary Vitamin C can be taken reducing the impact of additional acidity upon the digestive system.

This carries a variety of names including "Low Acid Vitamin C", reg,"Esther C", "Buffeted Vitamin C" and "True Food Vitamin C" and is best taken in smaller dosages across the day, rather than larger one off dosing which is why some may use smaller doses in capsule and powdered form.

Vitamin C can also be taken in a form known as " timed release " which in reality is Vitamin C compressed during manufacturing under considerable pressure. This allows a slower gradual digestive release of the nutrient over a number of hours benefiting the body and its uptake.

When available,sadly too infrequently and arguably the very best Vitamin C is in another form, known as "Liposomal Vitamin C". It is said that Vitamin C in this Lipid/Fat form is retained and used by the body considerably more efficiently and effectively than other Vitamin C's.

During these times when immunity is so important, I will nearly always recommend the additional benefits of these two particular nutrients to most age groups and genders. Vitamin D is also recommended to those with naturally darker skin tones and in particular those of African and Asian decent. I would be very happy to be of further assistance to anyone who requires more detailed information on likely and testable nutritional deficiencies. Please leave your question and details on the contacts page.

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