• Peter Dewdney

Praise and Help.

I would like to thank and highlight the courage of all those people in our community who are voluntarily putting themselves directly in the firing line and one specifically. A customer of the store and a private client called Emma has decided to return to intensive care nursing in order to help out at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. I know Emma didn't need to do this but she has, you are an angel. I am sure your family are very proud of you.

It was a customer of the store who reminded us of the wonderful work our teachers have been doing, looking after and caring for the children remaining in school throughout the lock-down. Your efforts and commitment are appreciated by everyone who understands your work not only educates our children but helps free up key workers needed in important rolls. Well done and thank you all.

More enquiries than ever are being asked about sleep,stress and general mood.The following is a very brief guide to supporting these key areas of health during the lock-down.

Lifestyle Tips: Try a create a structure to each day,maybe by planning your daily activities between meal times.You create a morning,an afternoon and an early evening activity to think/plan out. Maybe introduce a form of daily exercise which can differ according to your ability and fitness.

Create a plan of action for the day and week ahead, distributing any responsibilities throughout the household so everyone is and feels involved. Make sure you safely get outside every day taking in the sun,this is beneficial in many ways including your Vitamin D levels, your respiratory system and your mindset. Try and be positive thinking, taking in those thoughts,sights and sounds you are exposed to.

Diet: Try not eat late in the evening as this can effect sleep. Allow at least 2,ideally 3 hours after eating before going to bed. Fresh green leafy vegetables are a basic source of the nutrients needed to produce the chemicals required to assist with sleep. Good digestion helps with sleep.

Sorry but avoid evening stimulants such as coffee,snacks and sweets. Whilst alcohol may initially help with getting off to sleep, overall quality and duration may suffer.

Supplements/Herbs: Commonly used and beneficial nutrients and herbs to assist with sleep and mood would include,Magnesium, 5htp, Valerian,Bath Salts and many Aroma Therapy Oil blends and Lavender. A favourite herb of mine is Rhodiola which can assist with,stress and sleep. It is advised you check the compatibility of any of the above, with any prescribed medications. I can help here should you require professional assistance.

A bath containing Epsom Salts (magnesium sulphate) will assist with relaxing the body especially just before bed.Works well with children and gives you really soft skin.

For more information or assistance please use the contacts page on this website.

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