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The Diaries of a Health Practitioner | Part 1

Updated: May 1, 2020

Late March 2020

A little background: Each day I work in my health and organic shop in Thame, and in the evenings deliver to those in isolation, housebound, medical staff and those unwell.

Being fortunate enough, being in the position to, I'm unsure but I get to observe a vast range of emotions, views, and feelings of local people in relation to this global health concern.

For many months, but specifically the last three weeks, I have seen the dramatic impact this new global virus has had upon our lives, business and ourselves.

Friday 27th March was yet another strange day. The store was busy with general telephone enquires and a steady show of customers. It was a lovely warm sunny day during a lunchtime break I got quite angry to see more than one large group of people closely gathered together totally irresponsibly. The roads were busy and parking in the high street was very limited. What's going on, it's a busy sunny day in Thame, really.

Much later that evening, driving through a number of our beautiful villages, it was quiet, very very quiet. The pubs were dark, the streets and roads totally empty, what a contrast. As I drove home, my mind took me to the comparison of this almost bubble world we appear to be safe living in, and the nightmare taking place in our incredible medical institutions across the county, in our town and cities.

My day left me thinking we are not treating this seriously. The night left me thinking maybe we are, the next day, Saturday 28th March, my wedding anniversary, convinced me we are.

Saturday 28th March, 8:50 am and the high street in Thame was quiet with only a few parked cars and a relatively short queue outside Boots the Chemist.

This morning is significantly quieter than yesterday, but there is a different mood, a change, it feels slightly different.

I wonder what today will bring, I need to bring positivity and support to those who need it. I also need flowers, a card and something not from my store.

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