• Peter Dewdney

The Diaries of a Health Practitioner | Part 2

This is the shop's third real Saturday on "lock-down" and it's quiet, apart from the distant but still loud voice of the doorman, directing shoppers outside Waitrose. The day was quite busy with customers collecting and shopping for their various communities, buying there neighbour's natural medications and specialist dietary foods.

Throughout the day I felt a greater acceptance of the position we all find ourselves in, and a heightened sense of wanting to help others.

What is coming across loud and clear is thoughtfulness, consideration, caring, helpfulness and human kindness and a sense of community.

In my next blog I am going to talk about one or two local people who deserve a mention.One is a local mum who is returning to intensive care nursing and secondly teachers who are maintaining our schools for the children of front-line medical workers.

In the store the demand for flour and baking requisites have increased over the past 3 weeks which must mean we are all baking more which is brilliant. Baking is economical, rewarding and delicious and the process can involve/include children, partners, the whole family. This is a great time for us to do more in the kitchen. Meals are cheaper when brought as individual ingredients rather than processed ready-made meals. Freshly prepared food usually contains higher levels of nutrients required to maintain our body.

I addition to a big demand for flours,I have also noticed an increase in the sale and enquiry of sleep and stress related natural medications.These include traditional herbal medications,medicinal teas and common nutrients such as magnesium. A little old fashion but " Epsom Salts" are Magnesium Sulphate which can be added to an evening bath assisting with the process of sleep. There are a number of great night time teas as well as techniques designed again to help with sleep. Diet can also play a big part in sleep as well as mood so I will cover these two areas in more detail in my next blog.

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