"About 11 years ago I was diagnosed with an aggressive prostate cancer, the tumour inoperable because too rapidly advanced, and underwent some months of medical therapies, but was warned that my cancer would be likely to start spreading after 2 or 3 years.  From the time of my diagnosis, Peter has supplied me with his carefully calculated régime of supplements and dietary changes to boost my immune system to combat the cancer and, in fact, I enjoyed more years of normal strength and activity than had been expected before the cancer did indeed begin to spread into areas of bone.  Peter continues to support me with his care and advice"  Anthony

"I have relied on Peter for several years to provide healthcare advice alongside my chemotherapy.  The most important aspect, for me, is that his advice is tailored to support my treatment, not compete against it."  Mrs J.M.

"After struggling with a health issue for years and trying various things, I went to see Peter who quickly came up with a plan. After only a few weeks I felt better than I had in a long time. He's my go to man for ALL my health questions and concerns."  Jenny, 46

"Peter is the type of person that you can speak to and know that he'll give you the right advice. He's a very good listener and very professional in everything he does. I wouldn't go to anyone else apart from him for medical advice." Callam, 21

" I think I must have been onto my 3rd or 4th early miscarriage when I first met Peter so it was quite an emotional and sad time. Peter has this amazing way of completely listening to you and then being able to come up with a plan of action. He is diligent, thorough and totally committed to helping others. Fortunately for me, Peter's plan worked and Baby E came along. 3 years on and we still regularly pop in and say hello and are always received with a warm and heartfelt welcome. Peter has an incredible gift of finding solutions that seem to work on the mind, body and spirit."  Mrs C Galvin

"Peter has been able to advise me on, not only the best supplementation to use but upon changes to my diet and lifestyle."  B.W. 19

"Peter has successfully identified and treated two conditions that I struggled with for a while, his professional yet friendly manner made me feel totally reassured."  Billy, 35